Emma Oliver and the Song of Creation

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Earth Day - Sing for

the Trees

An annual global event

Every April 22

Noon - wherever you

are in the world

Sing for the Trees you


Native American Prayer Tree at the Cabin Path near Altanta, Georgia

A Single Idea Planted With Hope

In January 2010 a single idea was planted on the fertile ground of Facebook. It was a simple call: Create your own Woodstock. On Earth Day, April 22, 2010 sing to your favorite tree.


The Response

Since then over 10,000 people from 45 countries and 48 U.S. states have sung to trees


The Need

Every day a rain forest the size of Central Park is destroyed.

Every year a rain forest area larger than England is cut down.

15% of deforestation is caused by cutting down trees for toilet paper.


Why Sing?

The Civil Rights Movement, Apartheid and more recently Pete Seeger's Ship of Hope to clean the Hudson River have used song to create awareness and galvanize action.


  • Helps create community
  • Gives us a way to have a voice in saving what we love
  • Is an offering of our life force and spirit
  • Connects us to ancient traditions
  • Nourishes trees by giving them carbon dioxide 
  • Is part of the joy of being human
  • Helps us relax and tune into nature and to each other
  • Reminds us we are part of the chorus of life

A Few Tree Messages

"As you humans come and take a public stand with us, it does strengthen our health. Your intentions radiate in waves that carry life force. We are grateful for the public nature of your support. That is needed even more than you know. Open support creates consciousness waves within the collective human mind. Our life becomes less about struggling to maintain and more about generating greater life force for all. Every small thought turned to action counts." Bonnie Willow, Asheville, North Carolina

"The trees say BeLeaf in yourself." Alan DeValle, New York City

"Just letting you know, that since we sang and danced with the trees with the kindergarten children a few weeks ago, many of them are spontaneously doing this ritual every Thursday afternoon when we go back to the forest."
F.D. Switzerland

For more information

Learn the chant Beautiful Trees by Susan Elizabeth Hale below