Emma Oliver and the Song of Creation

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based on Emma Oliver and the Song of Creation

Somewhere deep in the forest the ancient spirit of the trees summon us.

They call us to listen, to open our hearts.

Aaouma, the Great Mother Tree is dying in the Shining Land.

Where is the girl?  Where is Emma Oliver?
We are at the eleventh hour but there is still time.
We must find her.
She must remember that she is the only Tree Singer left
who can sing the Song of Creation
before it’s too late.
But there’s a problem.
Emma can’t sing. 
She must retrieve her Grandmothers stolen voice
before she can find her own.

Photo by Yan Jenkins of her granddaughter Evie Bluebell Fletcher


Susanna Bearfoot

is a musician, composer and teacher who draws inspiration from the natural world. She has worked in theatre, collaborated with dancers and visual artists and facilitated workshops for adults and children both in schools and privately. Always interested in sound and movement, Susanna trained with Fabien Mamon and currently works alongside a Transformational Breath facilitator using a variety of instruments to enhance relaxation and healing. She also continues to teach piano privately.  Meeting Susan Hale brought an added impetus and inspiration to her work which has led to a fruitful partnership.  In the process of composing for Susan's magical and timely stage musical Emma Oliver and The Song of Creation, Susanna's passion for the natural world, music and theatre have blossomed anew.

Susanna has written inspiring melodies and arrangements

for Emma's musical journey.

Susan Elizabeth Hale 

Susan Elizabeth Hale M.A. is a pioneer in the fields of Music Therapy and Vocal Toning. From 1980 onwards she has circled the Earth with song teaching thousands of people to find their natural voices. Susan is creator of Earth Day-Sing for the Trees. Since 2010 over 10,000 people in 45 countries have participated in this annual global event. Susan is an active member of TreeSisters who are now leading Sing for the Tree events through Liz Terry.

Susan is the author of the juvenile fiction novel Emma Oliver and the Song of Creation (2016, Our Street Books) and Sacred Space Sacred Sound: The Acoustic Mysteries of Holy Places (2007, Quest Books)

Susan has written all lyrics, the libretto and some melodies.

Both Susan and Susanna are passionate about planting and saving trees and are active members of TreeSisters. According to new data from a global satellite survey in 2017 the world lost more than one football pitch of forest every second. Planting trees has also been named as one of the top five things to mitigate climate change.

We know that the trees in the Amazon are burning. But it’s all at such a vast scale that it’s hard to relate to personally. Emma Oliver and the Song of Creation tells the story of a family facing these issues in their community of  Peachtree City, Georgia.

Our musical has three main themes:

Saving trees

Finding Your Voice

Family Healing

 The musical’s message can initiate the complex dialogue we are all undergoing around these issues.

Libretto - 69 pages
Score - 28 songs and incidental music