Emma Oliver and the Song of Creation

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Coming Soon!

Emma Oliver and the Song of Creation CD and booklet is being created!
Songs are now being polished for the next steps. I've been co-creating songs with the talented pianist and composer Susanna Bearfoot. 15 songs in total, this CD will tell Emma's story through music.

I first met Susanna in 2009 at the Hawkwood College Sound Healing Conference. We both felt an immediate resonance and she invited me to her mother's cottage. I was writing the book at the time. When I told her Emma's story she was in tears and said she saw it as a movie. She played one of her compostions for me and I said, "that's the music being played at the end of the movie!" I went back to North Carolina, where I was living at the time, and wrote the words to The Song of Your Heart. You can hear it at my book launch video below.