Emma Oliver and the Song of Creation

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How To Sing for the Trees

Alone or with a group - Place one hand on your heart and the other on a tree. Take a moment to feel your connection. Listen to your heartbeat and the heartbeat of the tree. Feel your love and gratitude to the trees and all they do. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth and let the sound of an AH ride on your exhalation. The sound of AH is a Universal sound of Love. Continue to allow the sound of AH to expand and allow your voice to grow in strength. Your sounds may change in pitch. Allow them to change and grow as you sing. Feel the sounds move through your hand into the roots of the tree you are honoring. Allow your love song to flow through the roots into the roots of surrounding trees. Continue to sing until you feel you have come to closure. Stay connected as you stand in silence. Listen for any messages the tree may have for you. Share with others. Continue to sing tree chants, read poems trees and celebrate. Thank the tree and commit to some action in the world that will help the future of our trees and our children's future.

"The trees say Be-Leaf in yourself!"
Alan Devalle
Tree Chants

Beautiful Trees - By Susan Elizabeth Hale

Sing for the Trees - By Jenni Roditi

Simple Praise of Trees - By Gretchen Sleicher and David Densmore
with Four Part Harmony

The Roots of Heart - By Crow Women Crow Goddess

Great Goddess Woman Tree  - By Jean Anthony

My Roots Go Down - By Annie Patterson

My Roots Go Down version with children

Trees Grow Tall - a round

Linden Lea - By Ralph Vaughan Williams
In praise of apple trees

The Oak Tree - By Roger Cook ad Sandy Mason sung by Alamo Jones